JO SKR is the first Lebanese artist to be among the top five miniature artists in the world.

Born in 1991, he is the youngest child of a family of four. Since his early years, art and nature have been his influence .

He holds two masters degrees from the Lebanese University, one in Interior Architecture and a second in Landscape and Environment.

Recently he is managing and developing his family business and at the same time teaching miniature art in his own workshop located in the middle of the pine forest in Douar-Metn district.

He’s an expert in sacred geometry, Tibetan calligraphy and Islamic art. He possess a very unique style in pattern technic and coloring. He has exhibited work in various collaborative and solo exhibitions and galleries. In addition to participating in different art workshops in Lebanon and abroad.


Many of the items are listed as “Limited Edition”. These prints are only printed in a very limited quantities.

The Limited Edition print runs are all done in-house on archival paper with archival pigment based inks.