Behind the tough army general personality, Ghazi Riman hides a sensitive soul that led him to become the self-taught and talented visual artist, painter, thinker, writer and musician that he is now. Born in 1952 in Masser El Chouf in Mount Lebanon, Ghazi pursued a military career that he chose to put an end to after 32 years of active duty in 2006 to start learning art techniques from Camille Pissarro, Vincent Van Gogh and other great artists. Today, art plays a key role in Ghazi’s life who paints for 7 hours a day after jogging for an hour through fields and green meadows from where he mostly draws inspiration. In addition to nature and roses, Ghazi portrays street elements, rural life, old Lebanese houses, and people who intrigue him. He prides on his collection of more than 300 original oil paintings, which subjects have sparked his heart and touched his soul.