Fatima Ismail is a writer, journalist and self-taught painter born in Lebanon in 1989. She studied Literature at the Lebanese University and English Literature at King Faisal’s University. Ismail kicked off her career in journalism by writing for the Lebanese press, before becoming the Managing Editor for the Saudi newspaper “Al Qabas”. Gradually, she started unleashing her artistic and experimenting with oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencils, gouache and pastel colors. She also took several training courses to polish her innate talent and learn the secrets of her lifelong passion. In terms of inspiration, Ismail admires the feminine figure, especially pregnant women who represent abundance, fertility and blooming life. She likes using elements like balloons, wings, petals, and light to inject hope into her work.

Since 2015, the artist has participated in many group exhibitions and has organized one solo exhibition. She is a Certified International Trainer of IAPPD and a member of the Saudi Society for Culture & Arts, the International Human Development Parliament and the International Oasis of Art & Literature. Ismail currently presents a TV program that interviews fine artists and has two novels on the way.