Dalal Farah, a self-taught painter, brings novelty to the Lebanese art scene by introducing an innovative art concept dubbed “Dalalism”. Dalal draws her inspiration from living cells, and thus “Dalalism” is an artistic approach that highlights how our cells – and wellbeing – are affected by our thoughts. Through her paintings, she tries to depict the universe via cellular forms expressed through an artist’s eye.

“We’re all spiritual beings going through a physical experience. Once we grasp this, our outlook on life changes dramatically” says Dalal, who believes that to paint is a form of meditation and often lets her brush wander on canvas to convey her emotions and ideas.

Dalal’s art works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Sydney, Beirut and Paris. She was a guest speaker at the American University of Beirut (AUB), the Lebanese American University (LAU) and other prestigious educational institutions, in addition to working as a consultant with volunteers, Syrian refugees and special-need individuals on projects aiming to strengthen peace through art and capacity building activities in Lebanon, Syria, and Sharjah.